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August 25, 2016

Blepharitis (Picture courtesy of

Blepharitis is the accumulation of dead skin cells and oil from glands in our skin. These dandruff-like accumulations causing itching, burning sensations, and red eyes for many patients. These symptoms can sometimes mimic pinkeye.  With blepharitis, bacteria can more easily thrive on the surface of the eyelid. By-products of bacteria further increase irritation. Increased bacterial presence make patients more susceptible to red, painful, inflammed styes that can linger on the edges of eyelids--as the bacteria begin to enter oil glands.  For patients with dry eye, it's important to see if blepharitis is contributing to their symptoms.


Fortunately, Avenova, a spray-based treatment can bring relief for patients suffering blepharitis. To use Avenova, patients close their eyes, spray Avenova on their lids, wait 5-10 seconds, then wipe away product. Wiping the product away physically removes debris along the lids and lashes. Additionally, Avenova contains a naturally-produced ingredient, in concentrated proportions, that combat the presence of bacteria on patients eyelids.





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