Multifocal contact lenses

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September 29, 2016

Patients in their early-to-mid 40s gradually, yet inevitably lose their ability to read without glasses or contacts. This phenomenon, known as presbyopia, decreases the ability of patients' natural lenses to focus on books, computers, phones. . .anything closer than an arms length away. Decline of one's near vision can be frustrating.  Patients must then find a solution to regain their near vision with bifocals, reading glasses, or contact lenses. Many patients in their 40s seek to function as they used to before presbyopia-without glasses.

Multifocal contact lenses are unique contact lenses that correct both distance and near vision. This affords very good vision for tasks like driving and sports as well as using their smartphones or reading a book-all without glasses! Patients also note how comfortable the lenses throughout the day.  Patients wear lenses both eyes after a contact lens fitting session and get a free set of trial lenses to use at home to experience the freedom and flexibility of multifocal contact lenses.

Lenses in both eyes are used as a team; testing each eye separately will make vision slightly blurry. Additionally, patients usually need several days up to a week or two for adaptation with these lenses. The most common effect patients notice is a mild grayness surrounding black letters. This is expected and decreases the more patients wear the lens.

If you're curious about trying multifocal contact lenses--please give us a call!



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