Do you have iirritated eyes?? Xiidra may offer relief

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October 20, 2016

Dry eye is one of the most frequent conditions we at Advanced Eye Care help patients with.  For many patients with dry eye--grittiness, red eyes, burning sensations, and fluctuating vision are all too common symptoms.  Advanced Eye Care Center is pleased to announce a new dry eye  drop that may in fact offer new kinds of relief for patients suffering with chronic dry eye.

Xiidra, used twice per day has been shown to decrease the signs and symptoms of dry eye. . .for some patients, in as little as two weeks.  The eye drop works to curb inflammation on the ocular surface, ultimately allowing the front of the eye (cornea) to maintain better surface hydration, thus, leading to improvement or resolution from dry eye. For a limited period, the manufacturers of Xiidra are offering a free one month trial for dry eye patients.  Advanced Eye Care strives to promote the latest technology to help all patients, especially those suffering from chronic dry eye.

If you would like to look into trying Xiidra for yourself and have been battling dry eye, give us a call (419)-521-3937 today-we'd love to help you!




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