Do you suffer from Dry Eyes?

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November 6, 2013

Evaporative Dry Eye

Instability of the tear film from an inadequate lipid layer is the cause of most dry eye. Artificial tears provide only temporary relief. Stressors like low humidity, wind, and smoke induce excessive evaporation in patients with meibomian gland dysfunction. Until now most treatment has addressed only issues of inadequate tear volume and excess inflammation.

Proper diagnosis of each patient’s tear film abnormality is fundamental to selecting the most effective treatment. Tear osmolarity, lipid profiling, and anterior-segment OCT are available to confirm appropriate management.

Using pulsating thermal and mechanical methods, Lipiflow can rejuvenate a non-functional lipid production apparatus.
A comprehensive approach involving Lipiflow, Intense Pulsed Light, nutritional and chemical modification of fatty acid metabolism can restore comfort and stable vision. Concomitant treatment of inflammatory conditions and aqueous deficiency is our plan with all dry eye patients.

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