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March 2, 2017

Characterized by grittiness, burning sensations, fluctuating vision, and "tired" eyes, dry eye syndrome affects patients of all ages. For 85% of dry eye patients, oil glands on their eyelids become clogged and cease to function properly. If these glands are chronically clogged, they atrophy (essentially die off). Gland atrophy is a permanent change which further exacerbates dry eye.

LipiFlow is a treatment directed towards improving oil gland function. The treatment works by applying heat (which melts the clogged oil) and pressure (to sweep away clogged oil) to oil glands. 80% of patients notice increased comfort in 2 months. Typically, this improved comfort lasts for an average of 12 months. Along with these benefits of increased comfort, LipiFlow helps to prevent gland dropout, by allowing functional gland tissue to once again release oil across the surface of the eye, stopping the process of gland atrophy and permanent dropout.

If you have dry eye, we can help! LipiFlow addresses the root cause of dry eye syndrome.

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