Worse than a Monday Morning

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July 15, 2016

If you’ve ever had a corneal abrasion or scratch across the front of your eye, you’ve experienced significant pain. Over time, the cornea eventually heals itself. But did you know the same area is susceptible to pain in the future-even if you don’t scratch your eye again? This is because recently healed tissue is loosely adhered to underlying layers of tissue.

Recurrent corneal erosions occur when this loosely-adhered tissue more easily ripped from underlying tissue. This primarily occurs once patients wake up, and open their eyes. Overnight, the eyes slightly dry out. Once the eye dries overnight, more friction exists between the eye and eyelid. This friction can be great enough to rip off the loosely adhered tissue when the patient simply opens their eyes-causing significant pain, tearing, and sensitivity to light. It may even feel as though something has gotten stuck in the eye.

Treatment involves preventing infection with antibiotic drops, lubricating therapy, drops to help compress loosely adhered tissue and even surgical techniques in severe or recurrent cases.

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