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Hearing Aids | Hearing Loss Treatment | Mansfield OH | Ashland OH | Bucyrus OHOur patients depend on and know us to provide the most advanced technology and care for their vision and we want to extend those services for their hearing. Advanced Hearing Services now enables patients access to technology and supplies that enhance daily living, not only seeing the sights, but hearing the sounds of life.

Do You...
Experience Muffled Hearing?
Have Difficulty Understanding Words?
Need Words Repeated Or Spoken Slower?
Turn The Volume Up On TV Or Radio?


Understanding the impact of hearing loss and how it affects your lifestyle is a key factor in determining your hearing health care needs. Our audiologist is well-trained and experienced in evaluating your needs and helping you find the appropriate instrument for your lifestyle.

Screenings are FREE… call today and hear what you've been missing!

To learn more-check out Advanced Hearing's webpage: www.advancedhearingohio.com

To setup a hearing appointment, please call: (419) 529-6895 or 844-452-1030.

For more information about Hearing Aid Services, or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to complete our online form or call (419)-521-3937.

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