Contact Lens Care Tips

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July 9, 2016
Contact lenses allow many patients to experience clear comfortable vision, without the need for spectacles. As contact lens technology progresses, more and more patients can enjoy their benefits. Let’s take a minute to review how to care for these wonderful medical devices.


Replace lenses are directed by your eye care provider. Wearing lenses longer than prescribed increases risk for irritation and infection. This is because contact lenses absorb mucus and protein from our tears as well as preservatives from contact lens solution.


Remove lenses each night. Your eye needs oxygen-and receives most of its needs through the air around us. When sleeping, the cornea gets ‘just’ enough oxygen to properly function. Even with the most breathable contacts-your cornea doesn’t get the oxygen it needs to maintain its function. This can lead to corneal swelling, infection, or even a painful ulcer!


Change your contact lens case every 3-6 months. Over time, bacteria colonize your contact lens case. With even time, a “biofilm” forms in the contact lens, consisting of a thick coating of bacteria and microbial growth. This too increases risk for contact lens discomfort and infection.


Gently rub lenses before inserting on eye.  While contact lens solution helps to neutralize bacteria, microscopic build-up of mucus, proteins, and other debris can accumulate on the lens surface. Rubbing contact lenses before insertion into the eye helps to clear away this debris.


Other tips include not using tap water to clean lenses, letting contact lens cases air dry regularly, handling lenses with clean hands, and not to reuse contact lens solution.

Contact lenses can lead to great vision over many years. Take care of your contacts, and they’ll take care of you.



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