Dry, gritty, scratchy, red, or watery eyes?

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June 29, 2016

Do any of these words describe how your eyes feel? You may have Dry Eye Syndrome.  There is help available!

When artificial tears, warm compresses, and gels fail to provide comfort, additional attention is needed. Dry Eye Syndrome is a chronic, progressive disease that most commonly impairs oil glands on our eyelids. Tears then evaporate too quickly-leading to irritation and blurry vision. Advanced Eye Care Center is excited to offer LipiFlow treatments to treat Dry Eye Syndrome!  The in-office treatment applies gentle heat and pressure to bolster oil gland function and offer improved comfort to patients.  Additionally, treatment helps to prevent damage to oil glands in the future. The treatment offers an 80% success rate with comfort lasting on average 12 months, or longer.

While there may be no cure for dry eye, LipiFlow is the best treatment option for many patients.  Please call (419) 521-3937 to setup a Dry Eye evaluation to see if LipiFlow may be right for you!

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