Flashes, floaters, and curtains-oh my!

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May 2, 2017

Each week, we see several patients who suddenly notice new floaters or new flashes in their vision. Usually patients notice one or more translucent or small black dots in their vision and sometimes white, momentary flashes of light--much like a lightning bolt.  Much less frequently, patients notice a grayish curtain falling across a portion of their vision.

Floaters and flashes can be commonly attributed to traction on the retina or possibly a retinal tear, among other causes. There is no pain associated with this condition. Patients experiencing these symptoms should come in for prompt evaluation.  Their retina may have a tear which can progress to a retinal detachment, which can be permanently sight-altering, even with surgery.

If you or a loved one notices any of these symptoms, please call to schedule an appointment!

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