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September 24, 2012



Advanced Eye Care Center is dedicated to preventing vision loss  from glaucoma...


You are at greater risk IF you:

Are over the age of 65

• Are African American over the age of 45

Have a family history of glaucoma

                                      FREE seminar and glaucoma screening

                                                 October 2, 2012 @ 6 p. m.

                                              Call 419-521-3937 to register  

Presented by :

                     Harold A. Ballitch II, M. D.

                     Gurpinderjeet Kaur, O. D.


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Complimentary Lipiview Screening for Dry Eye

Dry, red, irritated eyes? Fluctuating vision?  For the first time see the root cause of your dry eye. Call 419-521-3937 to learn about upcoming complimentary lipiview screening day.

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