Contact lens tip: Rub your lenses

Contact lenses afford many patients crisp and clear vision without the mild hassle of wearing glasses.  Because these lenses directly rest on the surface of the eye, they require routine and proper care.  One of the more easily-overlooked details of contact lens care is simply rubbing the lens with a few drops of contact lens solution.

Rubbing the contact lens helps to better remove protein and debris. Removing these naturally-occurring substances allows for better comfort over the lifespan of the lens. If protein and debris are allowed to accumulate, a biofilm can form-which is an aggregate of protein, lipids, and bacteria. Easily, you can see how this would increase the chance of infection and possible ulceration of the cornea–painful and potentially blinding.  Even if a solution advertises itself as ‘no rub’ please, do rub your lenses for at least 5 seconds.

Of course, for patients wearing daily lenses-where you get a brand new lens each day-rubbing is not required.

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