Multifocal Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great option for correcting refractive error. Contact lenses allow patients to function with greater versatility without the need for glasses. For patients around ages 40 to 45, near vision tasks like reading a book, working on a computer, and browsing Facebook on a smartphone become difficult due to presbyopia.  Presbyopia is when the natural lens in our eye becomes less flexible, meaning patients have more difficulty with near vision tasks. For glasses this can be addressed with a bifocal; for contact lenses, this can be addressed with a multifocal contact lens design.

Multifocal contact lenses incorporate both distance and near correction in each contact lens. The precise design of these lenses differs based on different brands of the lenses. As patients wear the lens, their brain adapts to which correction to use (eg: using near correction of the contact lenses for reading and using distance correction for driving). One of the motivations for patients is to reduce or eliminate the need for prescription glasses or reading glasses. These lenses come in daily and monthly replacement options.

While at first, patients may notice a slight grayness around black letters this usually disappears over a week or two as patients get used to the lens. After this adaptation period, patients really appreciate their clear vision and increased ability to complete near tasks that were otherwise blurry or caused eye strain. At Advanced Eye Care Center, we regularly fit multifocal contact lenses and would be happy help you or a family member try these lenses. Call 419-521-3937 to get started today!

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