Kerato-what? (Keratoconus)

Keratoconus  affects 1 in 2,000 Americans. Kerato-meaning cornea and conus-meaning cone. . . keratoconus describes a painless progressive thinning of our corneas. This thinning causes the front of our eye to bulge forward (when viewed under a microscope) and the cornea adopts a cone-shaped appearance. Keratoconus usually is an inherited condition and can be made worse by frequent and excess rubbing of the eyes. The condition usually affects both eyes. Commonly patients are first diagnosed with keratoconus in their teenage years or adults in their 20s.

In mild cases, the patient may notice a mild blur. Soft contact lenses and spectacles usually provide reasonably clear vision for mild keratoconus. If the condition progresses and visual distortions get worse, specialty contact lenses may be needed to improve vision. Gas permeable lenses and scleral lenses help to aid the ocular surface, allowing for better focusing of light on the retina. Dr. Finn helps patients struggling with keratoconus by fitting custom scleral contact lenses. As a bonus, these lenses can alleviate symptoms of dry eye. This allows much better vision than glasses or traditional soft contact lenses along. Corneal-crosslinking can help to slow the progression of keratoconus, though not currently offered at Advanced Eye Care Center.

In severe cases, a corneal transplant may be needed to restore vision. Advanced Eye Care Center can help patients with keratoconus meet their visual needs. If you or a loved one has keratoconus, give us a call today! (419)521 3937

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