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January 5, 2017

Since its approval in 2002, many people have seen commercials or at least heard of Restasis, a drop used to help patients with dry eye. How does this drop work?

Restasis works by increasing tear production by suppressing inflammation on the ocular surface. When patients have more tears hydrating the front of their eyes (cornea and conjunctiva), they are much less likely to notice burning, stinging, grittiness. . .all symptoms associated with dry eye.

Restasis is typically dosed twice-per-day in both eyes. Dosing three times each day is indicated in severe dry eye cases. A minority a patients notice the drops temporarily sting.  This mild short-term stinging sensation can be eased by placing Restasis in cool environement, like one's refrigerator.

Restasis has been a valuable tool at Advanced Eye Care Center for over a decade. If you have stinging, redness, grittiness, or tired eyes, ask us if you would be a good candidate for Restasis. Relief can be a drop or two away!

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