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It's time for our annual frame show... join in on the fun!

By editor
April 19, 2017

Contact lens tip: Rub your lenses

By editor
April 10, 2017

Contact lenses afford many patients crisp and clear vision without the mild hassle of wearing glasses.  Because these lenses directly rest on the surface of the eye, they require routine and proper care.  One of the more easily-overlooked details of contact lens care is simply rubbing the lens with a few drops of contact lens solution....  read more

Did you know we can measure the 'quality' of your tears?

By editor
April 7, 2017

At Advanced Eye Care Center, we pride ourselves on using the best technology to help patients.  TearLab helps us to measure the quality of your tears.  A TearLab test takes less than one minute, is painless and non-invasive.  A small sample of tears is collected from the patient with a handheld device and is measured by the...  read more

How can my eyes tear up, if I have dry eye?

By editor
April 5, 2017

For some dry eye patients, their main symptom of dry eye disease is excessive tearing. This may seem counterintuitive, as they usually ask, 'Why do you think I have dry eye if my eyes are already too wet?' The issue here is the quality of tears, not simply quantity. Commonly the oil glands of dry eye...  read more

Have you been checking your grid?

By editor
March 31, 2017

For patients diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), we hand out an Amsler grid. Pictured below, this grid has a central dot to focus on with a grid pattern. We ask each patient who has ARMD to check this grid daily. With consistent monitoring at home (which only takes a few seconds for each eye), patients...  read more

Allergy season

By editor
March 21, 2017

Allergy season is just around the corner! For many patients allergies tend to worsen in the spring months. While we appreciate the warmer weather, pollen from trees, plants, and grasses can cause misery for allergy sufferers. Along with a runny nose, tiredness, and sinus congestion. . .allergies can have a direct impact on eyes. Itchiness,...  read more


By editor
March 2, 2017

Characterized by grittiness, burning sensations, fluctuating vision, and "tired" eyes, dry eye syndrome affects patients of all ages. For 85% of dry eye patients, oil glands on their eyelids become clogged and cease to function properly. If these glands are chronically clogged, they atrophy (essentially die off). Gland atrophy is a permanent change which further...  read more

Fish Oil

By editor
March 1, 2017

Fish Oil supplements contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 has been shown to decrease inflammation in various parts of the body. Omega-3's role in eye care involves helping dry eye patients. Oil glands, located in our upper and lower eyelids, can become gradually inflamed over time. This inflammation decreases oil production, and allows the tears on our...  read more

Can I sleep in my contact lenses?

By editor
February 20, 2017

Continuing our contact lens related posts, contact lenses help many patients see the world without the need for glasses. Technological advancements make these lenses more comfortable than ever.  Some patients report occasionally forgetting they have lenses on their eye at all!  After a busy day, leaving these comfortable contact lenses in overnight becomes tempting. Our corneas need...  read more

Contact Lens Comfort

By editor
February 16, 2017

For many patients, contact lenses offer independence from glasses. Most patients wear their contact lenses without issue. Dry eye, sleeping in contacts, and improper care can make contact lenses irritating and potentially harmful (remember, don't sleep in your contacts!) Let's review some ways to make contact lenses as comfortable as possible. One of the most helpful and easiest...  read more

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